% Students Take
an AP course

The vast majority of our students take at least one Advanced Placement course during their time at Brooks.


% of Parents Rate Academics "High"

In a Brooks School survey, nearly all of the parents asked rated the quality of our academics "very high."


% of College
Admission Officers

viewed Brooks School's academic program as "rigorous" in a recent survey that we conducted.


% Alumni Say Prep
Is High Quality

Nearly all of our young alumni described their educational experience at Brooks School as "high quality."

Think like a scientist. In chemistry class, students are asked to examine a problem from every angle, conduct experiments and arrive at a solution. They don't passively learn the material; they live it.

"It is impossible to get distracted because everything is so hands-on."

John Fritz '20

This is the goal of every class at Brooks — to inspire students to immerse themselves in the lessons. As they devour Beloved for the first time, they're asked to read and interpret at a deep level. As they grapple with the birth of the U.S. Constitution, they're preparing to become engaged citizens. As they dive into statistical data, they must uncover the real story behind the numbers. This is what it means to have a meaningful educational experience.

Brooks students become determined problem solvers, creative thinkers, language lovers, art appreciators, life-long learners, and, ultimately, meaningful contributors in their communities, and in the world.

Deans' Den Blog

Welcome to the Deans' Den Blog! In addition to teaching my own classes, I love to shadow Brooks students and see what they are learning across the curriculum. I have been sharing my glimpses into classrooms — both online and in person — and also a look at what's happening around campus in dorms, afternoon activities and community spaces. If there is something you would like to see, please email me. — Associate Head of School for Academic Affairs Mrs. Waters

OCTOBER 4, 2021 

Ms. Binder's English class was abuzz as I entered, with students at three different stations centered on close examination of etiquette, ceremony and social conventions related to their reading of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart. In the opening chapters, Achebe describes Igbo rituals in great detail. For example, a tradition in which, "'The first cup went to Okonkwo, who must taste his wine before anyone else. Then the group drank, beginning with the eldest man. When everyone had drunk two or three horns, Nwakibie sent for his wives.'" (pp.19-20.) Ms. Binder asked the class, "what are the values and hierarchy reflected? . . . .  READ MORE

The course catalog provides a sense of the depth and breadth of our curriculum. Requirements are considered the minimum needed to graduate from Brooks. Students should look beyond what they must take to what they ought to take to make themselves the most attractive candidates for college admission. For example, all students should complete courses in the three basic sciences (physics, chemistry and biology), even though they are not necessary for graduation. Most students graduate with transcripts that far exceed the school's requirements.