Living in a highly technological society requires that all students have some background in the sciences. Thus the major objectives of the Science Department are:
  • To create an interest in and help students understand a body of useful scientific knowledge of the organic and inorganic worlds.
  • To train the students in the scientific approach, critical thought, and the use of inductive and deductive reasoning to solve problems.
  • To give the student sufficient background in a specific science to continue study at a higher level.
  • To help the student prepare for SAT subject tests and Advanced Placement examinations in science.
  • To develop skills in scientific writing.

Science Courses

Science Faculty

Robert Bauer

Science Teacher

Chris Davis

Science Teacher

Michael Dixon

Science Teacher

Laura Hajdukiewicz

Chair of the Science Department

Ingrid Knowles

Dean of Students, Science Teacher

Leo Lafond

Science Teacher

Peter Moccia

Science Teacher

Alexandria Sacco

Science Teacher