"Through music, visual arts, theater and dance, Brooks students find ways to elevate their thinking, but when asked, most will tell you they do it because it’s fun."

The Arts Department at Brooks School seeks to engage all students and empower them to think both creatively and critically. Through creation and exploration, students will have the opportunity to follow their curiosity, discover a new passion, acquire skills and gain insight into the arts that will enrich them in their Brooks experience and beyond.

There is a reason we choose to keep the Arts Department at the center of the Brooks campus. It is a symbol for how the arts fit into the center of our lives. The arts broaden our thinking, teach us to see in new, more sophisticated ways and allow us to fulfill that most basic of human needs, the need to create. At Brooks, we pursue the arts because it allows us to express, to connect, and because by doing it, we find joy. What we do is fun. It gives the soul a space to breathe and the mind room to wander. Through Music, Visual Arts, Theater and Dance, Brooks students find ways to elevate their thinking, but when asked, most students will simply tell you they do it because it’s fun.

The power of the arts at Brooks lies in its balance of individual attention and ample opportunity. The arts program has been redesigned to offer the strength of small classes with diverse offerings. Our connection with the Robert Lehman Art Center allows students to work side by side with internationally recognized artists several times throughout the year. And our proximity to Boston enables students to take lessons with some of the best teachers in New England. All of this is designed to support the most important part of the arts experience: the teaching. Teachers give one on one attention to their students, whether in the studio, on the stage or as part of a class or co-curricular offering. It is this student-teacher interaction that truly makes the arts at Brooks so special.

Arts Exploratory

This year-long exploratory arts course, team taught by members of the arts department, provides access to our breadth of artistic disciplines within our Center for the Arts for all third-form students. Each student will spend several weeks in teams of students engaging, collaborating, communicating and creating in different disciplines (Visual 2D, Visual 3D, Media, Theatre, and Music) within the arts.

All third-form students are enrolled in a first year of arts, either in Arts Exploratory or one of our year-long ensembles: Chamber Music, Concert Chorale, Jazz Band, Rock Band or permission to participate in Advanced Jazz or Rock Band.

Arts Faculty

Michael Bruschi

Director of Music

Emily DiAngelo

Vocal and Orchestral Programs Director

Meghan Hill

Director of Theater

Robert Humphreville

School Organist

Currie Joya Huntington

Academic Dean, Music Teacher

Lynn McLoughlin

Visual Arts Teacher

Max Nagel

Media Arts Teacher, Assistant Exchange Coordinator

Sonja Nagel

English Teacher, Art Teacher, Learning Center, French Teacher

Sarah Spollett

Technical Director of Theater, Art Teacher

Babette (Babs) Wheelden

Chair of Arts Department, Director of Lehman Art Center