Advice for Student-Athletes

For many of us, sports provide fun and fitness. For an exceptional few, athletic recruiting can make a difference in a college admission decision.

Each year we have a number of sixth-formers whose college outcome is influenced by a coach.

Remember, playing sports at Brooks School does not guarantee that you will be a recruited college athlete at any level. If a college coach evaluates you, and if that coach decides that you are a strong candidate for their college team, only then can you assume that athletic talent may be a significant factor in your college process.

If you are not a recruited athlete, athletic ability will play no more or less important a role in the admission decision than any other seriously pursued extracurricular activity.

Either way, it will be the admission office, not the athletic office, that makes the final decision. Colleges have clear academic standards for athletes, and no college will accept a student on athletic ability alone if it does not think the applicant can do the work.

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National Collegiate Athletic Association

The NCAA Clearinghouse was established to determine academic eligibility for student-athletes in Divisions I and II.

All students with a potential interest in Division I and or II programs, and especially those interested in making official college visits in the fall of their sixth-form year, should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at the end of his/her fifth-form year.