College Counseling

The college counseling program at Brooks is designed to empower students to calmly, thoughtfully and competently navigate the many stages of the college application and enrollment process — one of the first significant life decisions students will make and own for themselves.

Watch THE 2022 CAMPUS presentations

It was wonderful to see all who joined our Family Weekend October 7-8. Please enjoy video of the informative college counseling presentations:

Brooks School's college counseling office welcomed Rhodes College Vice President of Enrollment Gil Villanueva to speak to families.

The college counseling office spoke with parents and guardians about the process their students will be going through at Brooks.

Utilizing state-of-the art resources, students and their families work with the college counseling office to consider their values, passions, interests and needs. From that foundation, they research colleges and universities that meet their individual criteria, and evaluate how their credentials will position them for admission at each institution.

Each Brooks student will meet individually with a college counselor as a sophomore, a meeting during which a relationship will be established, and the counselor will begin to know the student and their family while offering thoughts on academic and broader goals.

In a year-long process beginning the middle of their junior year, students learn to take ownership of their search, to advocate for their needs, to master the myriad details and pieces of the complex application process and to place the process in the broader context of their lives. The most thoughtful process, with the student driving and the college office and family right there in support, yields the best outcome for each student.

In addition to regular individual and small group meetings and traditional print and internet resources, the College Office utilizes web-based technology from TCCi-Naviance. Naviance creates an open and transparent link between the college office, the student and their family, powered by the most comprehensive and practical database available for college research.

Brooks seniors also benefit from having nearly 100 college and university admission visitors during the fall application cycle each year.

Our process is built around regular individual work between counselor and student, and is augmented with frequent group meetings and regular written communication with students and families.

Brooks supports the program wholly, and is committed to providing a deeply enriching, student-centered experience in line with our school’s mission.

Brooks’ student-to-counselor ratio is among the lowest of our peer schools, and the school works thoughtfully to provide an intimate and long-term process of introspection and research to all our students as they prepare for the next step in their educational journey.

To log into Brooks’ Naviance site as a guest, please click here, and type in username “guest,” and password “bishop.”
Be sure to visit the other college counseling pages on our site, including those focused on financing and student athletes, as well, for a more detailed look at our program.