Winter Team Awards

What makes someone a great teammate? "Effort, enthusiasm, support of others and sportsmanship," Athletic Director Bobbie Crump-Burbank P'11 has said. "These are the characteristics and values that we strive for at all levels."

And those are the values that were recognized this morning in the Frank D. Ashburn Chapel during Brooks' annual Winter Afternoon Programs Awards, including "Best Teammate," given to members of 2nd and 3rd squads, as well as to standout students from two other afternoon activities: drama and community service (see winners in photo below).

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Coaches presented the honors plus their namesake awards, Independent School League (ISL) honors and recognitions from the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) before the entire student body — which broke out into boisterous cheers and applause as the winners were announced:

The 2018 Best Teammate Award Winners

  • Boys 2nd basketball: Matt Costantino '20
  • Boys 3rd basketball: Joel Moya '20
  • Girls 2nd basketball: Nicole Sun '20
  • Boys 2nd hockey: Adam Ziady '18
  • Girls 2nd hockey: Catherine Scher '20
  • Boys 2nd squash: Justin Verissimo '18
  • Boys 3rd squash: Herbert Liu '20
  • Girls 2nd squash: Doris Wong '19
  • Girls 3rd squash: Nikki Iamonaco '20 & Jackie Lappin '19
  • Community Service: Kaitlin Peirce '19
  • Drama: Jennifer Mills '20

Every coach took a moment to share what made each individual honored such a valuable part of their team. "Adam gave 110 percent all the time," boys 2nd hockey coach Sam Reeves said about his honoree, Adam Ziady '18 after the program, which he was unable to attend.

Boys 3rd basketball coach and science teacher Chris Davis shared a similar sentiment about his Best Teammate, Joel Moya '20: "He had such a great attitude, regardless of whether he was playing or not."

Crew Program Director Tote Smith P'20, P'18 highlighted his winner's motivation. "Justin [Verissimo '18] exemplified our team's focus on improvement and team support," said the mathematics teacher. "He found himself often leading from within this year as the team improved so much since last year, when he was also named Best Teammate!"

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Simply being there for her castmates was what put Jennifer Mills in the winning category for the drama afternoon program. "She was a trooper," said Robert Lazar, Chair of the Arts Department and Director of Theater. "Jen was willing to help everyone and do whatever was needed to keep the show moving forward in a positive way." The fourth-former "didn't have a 'large role,'" Lazar added, "but she made a big impact." Calling Mills a "model for her peers," he added: "She was kind, thoughtful and made the whole process more enjoyable for the entire company."

That super supportiveness is also what boys 2nd basketball coach Kenya Jones said separated Matt Costantino '20 from the rest. Despite suffering a season-ending injury before winter games even began, Costantino continued to show up to every practice and help. "Whether it was performing managerial duties, running the shot clock, cheering on his teammates, or providing constructive feedback, Matt never wavered in his commitment to the team," said Jones. "He was essentially another coach on the sideline and his contributions cannot be overlooked. He undoubtedly earned this award and we were extremely privileged to have him on the squad."

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Girls 3rd squash coach Moira Goodman P'17, P'18 praised the pizazz of her two Best Teammates Jackie Lappin '19 and Nikki Iamonaco '20. "Jackie brought energy, enthusiasm and support of her teammates to practice every day," said the mathematics teacher and director of the Learning Center. "She worked hard to make practice fun and rewarding. Without Jackie, there wouldn't be any 'Funky Fridays!'" And of Lappin's teammate Iamonaco, Goodman had equally high praise: "She is so encouraging and supportive of her teammates. She brings out the best in all of the girls on our team."

Ditto Nicole Sun, on the girls 2nd basketball team. "Throughout the season, Nicole showed uncompromising support of her teammates," said coach, history teacher and academic dean Susanna Waters. "...But perhaps most importantly, she imbued our practice time with a sense of fun that helped our team bond."

Varsity-level players were recognized for their successes and talents, too, during the ceremony, highlighting more than 40 Brooks athletes overall. See below for their honors and visit our Committed to Excellence page to learn more about how athletes have the opportunity to compete at the highest level at Brooks.


Boys basketball
  • ISL League Champions
  • ISL All-League: Terrell Brown '18, Justin Connolly '18, Keigan Kerby '18, Preston Santos '19, Brian Wright-Kinsey '18
  • NEPSAC Class B Champions
  • NEPSAC Class B Tournament MVP: Keigan Kerby '18
  • NEPSAC Class B All-NEPSAC First Team: Keigan Kerby '18, Preston Santos '19, Brian Wright-Kinsey '18
  • Brooks School's Most Improved Award: Jacob Iwowo '18
  • Brooks School's Maureen Perkins Coaches Award: Cam Ray '18
Girls basketball
  • ISL Honorable Mention, NEPSAC Class B All-Star, and All NEPSAC Class B Honorable Mention: Brooke Cordes '20
  • Brooks School's Roberta L. Crump-Burbank Coaches Prize: Sophia Knopp '18
Boys ice hockey
  • ISL All League – Eberhart: Owen Borek '19
  • ISL Honorable Mention: Paddy Mangan '18
  • Brooks School's David N. Hadad Award: Owen Borek '19
  • Brooks School's Wellington Trophy: Owen Borek '19
  • Brooks School's William S. Barr Award: Colin Voloshin '19
  • Brooks School's Flood Shield Award: Owen Borek '19
Girls ice hockey
  • ISL All League: Quin Healy '20 and Carolina Kukas '19
  • ISL Honorable Mention: Emma English '18, Caroline O'Keefe '19
  • NEPSAC All New England, Division II: Emma English '18 and Caroline Kukas '19
  • NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Caroline Cutter '19
  • NEPSAC Division II Player of the Year: Caroline Kukas '19
  • Brooks School's Macomber Bowl: Lucy Verdone '19
Boys squash
  • ISL Team Sportsmanship Award
  • ISL All League, ISL Individual Sportsmanship Award, NEPSAC Class A Runner-Up, All NEPSAC Co-Player of the Year and All-American Honors: Aly Abou Eleinen '18
  • ISL All-League: Deven Kanwal '19
  • ISL Honorable Mention: Delancey McFadden '18
  • Brooks School's Douglas G. Burbank Award: Aly Abou Eleinen '18
  • Brooks School's Baird Haney Award: Ishaan George '18
Girls squash
  • ISL All-League: Christy Lau '21
  • ISL All League Honorable Mention: Vicky Haghighi '19
  • NEPSAC Class B Champions
  • NEPSAC Class B Tournament:
    #1 Runner Up: Christy Lau '21
    #2 Champion: Vicky Haghighi '19
    #5 Champion: Abby Zerbey '19
    #6 Third Place: Emily Roush '18
  • Brooks School's Most Improved Award: Sabrina Gribbel '19
  • Brooks School's Coaches Award: Vicky Haghighi '19
  • ISL All-League and All New England: Jason Gold '18
  • ISL All-League Honorable Mention: Nick Crary '20
  • Brooks School's Fastest Fall Award: Nick Crary '20
  • Brooks School's Spirit of '95 Award: Chris Capo '18
  • Brooks School's E. Graham Ward Wrestling Award: Connor Silva '19
  • Brooks School's Payne Wrestling Trophy: Jason Gold '18

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