Winter Athletics Awards

"For a school our size, I'm continually amazed at how many trophies we have at the end of the year," Director of Athletics Roberta Crump-Burbank P'11 said kicking off Brooks School's annual Winter Athletics and Afternoon Activities Awards on Friday.

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Indeed, the trophy table assembled at the front of the Frank D. Ashburn Chapel on March 29 was filled with gleaming bowls and awards, all intended for students being recognized for their achievements on the courts, rinks, and in the theater and community this past season.

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The ceremony is special, Crump-Burbank continued, in that it celebrates Brooks athletes at all levels. The first portion of the event, in fact, focused on non-varsity athletics, including 2nd and 3rd squads, as well as afternoon activities.

The winners in those "Best Teammate" categories exemplify the values and characteristics of "effort, enthusiasm, support of others and sportsmanship," she has said.

Best Teammate Awards
  • 2nd boys basketball: Charlie Paras '20
  • 3rd boys basketball: J.J. Calareso '22
  • 2nd girls basketball: Kate Coughlin '22
  • 2nd boys hockey: Zach Rogers '19
  • 2nd girls hockey: Kailey O'Neill '19
  • 2nd boys squash: Christian Duran '22
  • 3rd boys squash: Tianshu Wang '19
  • 2nd girls squash: Mary Boshar '22
  • 3rd girls squash: Haley Duran '21
  • Wrestling: Lily Valerio '19
  • Community Service: Amy Del Cid '22
  • Drama: Katie O'Brien '19

Boys basketball led the following portion of the ceremony, during which 1st teams and athletes are recognized. And this year marked a first for the undefeated team's awards.

Visit Brooks School's Athletics page to view information about each team and see their schedule.

Coach John McVeigh shared that their coaches award has been renamed. Hereafter it will be called the Maureen G. Perkins Award in memory of the late Perkins H'81, a long-time teacher and faculty member emerita and "number one fan" of Brooks School basketball.

"Mrs. Perkins cared deeply about Brooks School students and teams and she left everything and everyone better than she found them," McVeigh told the school community gathered in the Chapel. "For more than 40 years, she was a fixture at basketball games. And while she knew the game well, the traits she valued most, leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship and making a difference in the community, carry far beyond the court. This award is given to a Brooks player who has put their heart and soul into the program, who has valued team above self and whose positive energy and care for others best capture the endless selflessness, enthusiasm and grace of Maureen Perkins."

So, without further ado, we present to you, Brooks School's 2019 Winter Athletics and Afternoon Activities Winners. Congratulations to all!

Boys Basketball

  • ISL All-League winners: Sam Thomson '20 and Tyler Whitney-Sidney '21
  • ISL Honorable Mention: Myles Foster '20, Elliott Nelson '19 and Wil Stevens '19
  • Navoni Sportsmanship Award: Wil Stevens '19
  • NEPSAC Class B All-NEPSAC First Team: Sam Thomson '20 and Tyler Whitney-Sidney '21.
  • NEPSAC Class B All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Myles Foster '21 and Elliott Nelson '19
  • Brooks School Most Improved Award: Olu Oladitan '20
  • Brooks School Maureen Perkins Coaches Award: Max Chaban '19

Girls Basketball

  • ISL All-League winner: Brooke Cordes '20
  • ISL Honorable Mention: Sydney Robinson '20
  • NEPSAC Class B All-Star: Brooke Cordes '20
  • NEPSAC All-NEPSAC Class B: Brooke Cordes '20

Boys Ice Hockey

  • ISL All-League – Eberhart winners: Michael Hughes '19, Mitch Nenninger '19, Spencer Pierce '19 and Colin Voloshin '20
  • ISL Honorable Mention: Michael Bencivengo '21
  • Brooks School Navid N. Hadad Award: Michael Hughes '19
  • Brooks School Wellington Trophy: Michael Bencivengo '21
  • Brooks School William S. Barr Award: Spencer Pierce '19

Girls Ice Hockey

  • ISL All-League winners: Caroline Cutter '19, Quin Healy'20, Caroline Kukas '19, Caroline O'Keefe '19
  • NEPSAC All New England Division 2: Caroline Kukas '19
  • NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Caroline Cutter '19, Quin Healy '20 and Caroline O'Keefe '19
  • NEPSAC Division 2 Player of the Year: Caroline Kukas '19
  • Brooks School Macomber Bowl: Quin Healy '20

Boys Squash

  • ISL All-League: Deven Kanwal '19
  • ISL Honorable Mention: Nick Carabatsos '20
  • Team: NEPSAC Class B Champions
  • NEPSAC All-NEPSAC Deven Kanwal '19
  • Brooks School Douglas G. Burbank Award: Deven Kanwal '19
  • Brooks School Baird Haney Award: Nick Carabatsos '20

Girls Squash

  • ISL All-League Chrisy Lau '21 and Victoria Haghighi '19
  • ISL League MVP: Christy Lau '21
  • NEPSAC Class A Tournament Number 1 Champion: Christy Lau '21
  • Team: U.S. Squash High School Nationals Division 3 Runner-Up
  • Brooks School Most Improved: Sabrina Gribbel '19 and Abby Zerbey '19
  • Brooks School Coaches Award: Christy Lau '21


  • ISL All-League: Kelvin Griffin '22
  • ISL All-New England: Kelvin Griffin '22
  • ISL All-American: Kelvin Griffin '22
  • Team: ISL Most Improved Team
  • Brooks School Fastest Fall: Cameron Riley '20
  • Brooks School Spirit of '95 Award: Andrew Iferenta '19
  • Brooks School E. Graham Ward Wrestling Award: Jack Breen '21
  • Brooks School Payne Wrestling Trophy: Kelvin Griffin '22

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