Meet the Cum Laude Inductees

About 4,000 students are inducted annually into the worldwide Cum Laude Society, founded in 1906 and dedicated to honoring academic achievement in secondary schools. Brooks School students joined their ranks on Wednesday, when 22 fifth- and sixth-form students were inducted during a mid-morning ceremony in the Frank D. Ashburn Chapel in front of fellow students, faculty and invited family members.

"I commend the sustained efforts that have earned you this special academic honor," said Cum Laude speaker John McLoughlin, history teacher and director of the school's exchange program. "You take your place in the Cum Laude Society with generations of your Brooks classmates. For you, and for all your classmates, I hope your academic futures are full of great interest, discovery, excitement, personal reward and accomplishment. I look forward to what you will add to the record as you carry it forward – as you leave your mark, stone by stone."

Head of School John Packard and Associate Head for Academic Affairs Lance Latham – who serves as president of the Brooks School chapter of the Cum Laude Society – awarded each of the honored students their certificates on stage following McLoughlin's address. The new inductees are:

Sixth-form students:
Elsbeth Stuart Caulo
Sung Min Chung
Bridget Cifuni
Duncan Davies
Elsa Grant
Jennifer Jin
Ritika Kommareddi
Austin Morris
Nicole Rivera
Priyanka Thakuria

Fifth-form students:
Jordyn Arakelian
Max Charlamb
Si Young Choi
Jacqueline Desautels
Jason Gold
Henry Goodman
Olivia Jarvis
Lucille Lannan
Da In Lee
Isabella O'Shea
Katherine Packard
Lutong Zhao

Previously-inducted members of Brooks' chapter of Cum Laude Society – sixth formers who were welcomed as fifth-formers in the spring of 2016 – were recognized with a round of applause during the ceremony, as well. The members included: Nicholas Dominaitis, Leland Goodman, Alexandra Iamonaco, Joon Hyung Lee, Grace Lindsey, Tess Martin, Kelly Raymond, Yutong Sun, John Trotto, Samuel Wakelin and Zi Qi Yang.

After the ceremony, the new inductees gathered outside the Chapel for hugs, congratulations and a group photo.

"I'm just very happy," said Lee, one of the many smiling honorees. "I remember watching the people get up and be recognized during my first year at Brooks, so it's really exciting for it to be me this time!"

Fellow new member Gold agreed. "It feels good to be honored," he said. As a fifth-form student, Gold was quick to add, however, that he "will keep working" to achieve in school.

And his parents, who were on hand during the ceremony, said that they don't doubt it. "He works so hard," said Vicki Gold. "I'm so excited for him."

"They've all worked so hard," added Geoffrey Gold. "We're just really proud – it's amazing."

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