Fall Activities Awards

The whole of Brooks School's campus community gathered together this morning in the Center for the Arts to celebrate students who stood out in their afternoon activity this fall.

In recognizing autumn achievements "both individual and team," said Director of Athletics Roberta Crump-Burbank from the podium on stage December 2, "I do think that the biggest accomplishment for all of us this fall was to be back out on the field, to be back at school together participating, to be playing. We shouldn't forget that — and we should not take that for granted."

Fall 2021 Best Teammate Awards

  • Community service: Mason Guthrie '23
  • Boys cross country: Daniel Reyes '23
  • Girls cross country: Angelina Lieberman '23
  • Girls field hockey: Chris Liu '24 and Hilary Young '24
  • Outdoors club: Gusztav Sztermen '24
  • Sailing, Bart Burgess Award: Othar Zaldastani '23
  • Boys 2nd soccer: Kamron Bradley '24
  • Boys 3rd soccer: Grant Moore '24
  • Girls 2nd soccer: Lauren Zion '22
  • Theater, cast: Amy Mojica '22 and Colin Rosato '22
  • Theater, crew: Kayla Gutkoski '25
  • 2nd volleyball: Molet Otieno '23

Fall Athletics 1st Team Awards

Recognizing honors in the Independent School League, The New England Preparatory School Athletic Council, at Brooks School and beyond, state-wide:

Boys cross country
ISL All League: Alex Tobias '22
ISL Honorable Mention: Zeb Stewart '23
NEPSAC Division III Champion: Alex Tobias '22
Brooks Coaches Award: Anderson Seals '24

Girls cross country
ISL All League: Kata Clark '25 and Monica Mukherjee '22
ISL Honorable Mention: Lauren Puglia '25
ISL League MVP, Boston Globe All-Scholastic: Kata Clark '25
NEPSAC Division III Champion: Kata Clark '25
NEPSAC Division III All League: Kata Clark '25 and Monica Mukherjee '22
Brooks Coaches Award: Monica Mukherjee '22

Girls field hockey
ISL All League: Lucy Adams '22, Mary Adams '25 and Molly Driscoll '23
ISL Honorable Mention: Kate Coughlin '22, Brooke Rogers '22
NEPSAC All League: Lucy Adams '22, Mary Adams '25, Kate Coughlin '22 and Molly Driscoll '23
NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Maddy Dombal '22, Kathryn Duane '22, Ky Matola '25 and Brooke Rogers '22
Brooks field hockey prize: Kathryn Duane '22 (shown below)
Brooks field hockey team: NEPSAC Class B Champions

ISL All League: Jackson Connors-McCarthy '23
ISL Honorable Mention: Jeremy Emch '23, Arthur Nwobi '22, Dave Thomson '22 and Michael Wolfendale '23
Brooks Coaches Award: Dave Thomson '22
Brooks Timothy E. Keating Award: Arthur Nwobi '22

Boys soccer
ISL All League: Christian Bejar '22, Harry Bertos '23 and Saul Iwowo '22
ISL Honorable Mention: Jack Brown '22 and Kyle Joyce '23
ISL Offensive Player of the Year, Boston Globe All-Scholastic: Christian Bejar '22
All-State: Christian Bejar '22, Harry Bertos '23 and Saul Iwowo '22
All-American: Christian Bejar '22
Brooks boys soccer team: NEPSAC Class B Tournament Semi-Finalists

Girls soccer
ISL All League: Lughano Nyondo '24
ISL Honorable Mention: Caroline Sutherland '23
NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Caroline Sutherland '23
All-State: Lughano Nyondo '24
Brooks Amy E. Broadhead Award: Lily Pflaum '22
Brooks girls soccer team: ISL Sportsmanship Award

ISL All League: Samantha Dewey '22
ISL Honorable Mention: Brooke Semler '23
NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Samantha Dewey '22
Brooks volleyball team: ISL Sportsmanship Award
Brooks Coaches Award: Samantha Dewey '22

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