Exploring the World in Summer Session

Summer slide? Not at Brooks! Teachers are continuing last year's successful Summer Session program this summer, offering all Brooks students (including those newly enrolled for the 2021-2022 academic year) a chance to take classes for credit starting next month.

"During the regular school year, we are sometimes constrained in our content to prepare for an AP test, or to cover certain key concepts students need for the next semester, but in the summer, sky's the limit!" said Summer Session coordinator and Chair of the History Department Michele Musto. "We can delve into content more deeply and touch on content we rarely spend much time on during the school year. It is a time to let students explore and teachers to experiment with new techniques, ideas and assessments. Like Winter Term, this is a context in which we can find a truly meaningful learning experience — even if it is for only three weeks."

Summer Session courses run from July 12 through July 30, with classes meeting in the morning (9-11 a.m.) or in the afternoon (1-3 p.m.), giving students the opportunity to take two classes if they'd wish.

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"Summer Session is also a great time to get to know the Brooks community," adds Musto. "Classes are small so students get to know a teacher and a few classmates quite well. It's an easy way for a new student to dip their toe into the Brooks pond before they even arrive in the fall."

Check out the fun last year's Summer Session students enjoyed . . .

Brooks School's Summer Session page provides full detail about each course and how to register. Sneak a peek below to hear from the faculty themselves about the courses they're looking forward to teaching:

Study Abroad . . . In Massachusetts: Foundational Spanish

Olivia Budd-Pearson '15 is co-teaching this new course with fellow World Languages teacher Tess O'Brien. "Teaching Spanish in the summer is exciting for us because we'll get to know a new group of students, and familiarize them with the basics of the language, before they arrive to classes in the fall," said Budd-Pearson. "We are looking forward to exposing students to the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Alongside our language acquisition, we will also learn and talk about food, music, and current events. We hope you'll join us! ¡Nos vemos pronto!"

All About China: An Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture

Amy Wang has a list of reasons why she's excited about leading her first Summer Session course next month. "The excitement of learning new things and getting to know new people is the first thing I'm looking forward to," says the Chinese teacher. "Next is sharing my own foreign language learning stories and immigration stories, as well as the language itself (through Chinese characters) and the culture." In her course the teacher, born and bred in Beijing, will offer "open-ended discussions, great Chinese popular songs, fun culture videos and the chance to try Chinese calligraphy," she added.

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Voices of the Unheard: History of Protest in the United States

The only repeat course from last year, Musto will build on her experience teaching this popular class, examining the history of various movements and the philosophy, ideals, and tactics behind protest movements in order to better understand why protests happen. "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., famously noted," she writes in the class description, "that '...a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear?'"

History and Superheroes

"The fun part about superheroes is that while they are created to be superhuman, they actually reflect a hope or a fear of the time in which they were created," said Musto about the new course she's tackling this summer. "Wonder Woman is developed by a man supporting women's rights and looking towards a future where a woman could save the day. Captain America was developed to be symbol of the United States as the bearer of democracy throughout the world at a time when that democracy was threatened. Watching The Falcon and The Winter Soldier this spring, I saw that the plotline dove into the complicated history of race in the United States. I'm excited to help use these stories as a hook for students to explore the intricacies of American History!"

Learn more about Summer Session on our website — where you'll also find information about Brooks Connects, another summertime learning and enrichment opportunity online.

Brooks Connects is available to everyone in the Brooks community, parents, alumni, employees and friends of the school, too! This year the program will run July 26 through August 13. Updates to the courses will be posted on the Brooks Connects web page.

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