"Action Packed" Model U.N. Was a Success

"We came up with solutions to solve global warming and worked on new sources for sustainable energy," said Erika Wilson '20. "It was really fun!"

No issue, as you can see, was too big for Brooksians to tackle at the 18th annual Boston Invitational Model United Nations Conference (BosMUN). Brooks' 20-students-strong team spent last weekend hashing out a vast range of global problems at the Marriott-Copley hotel as part of the annual simulation of the United Nations for high school students hosted by Boston University.

Student delegates debated issues such as climate change, power vacuums, and energy policy in groups from NATO and the European Union, to the Disarmament and Security Committee of the U.N., among others, said Brooks' Model U.N. club co-leader, Michele Musto, chair of Brooks' history department. "Several students also debated in more fictional or historical groupings, such as the 'Gods of Olympus' arguing over World War I or Mughal Dynasty deciding the fate of their empire."

Four-year Model U.N. veteran Tramie Tran '19, for example, served as "Morpheus," the god of Dreams and Drugs, on that Gods of Olympus crisis committee. Tran said she and her colleagues dealt with the outbreak of WWI "caused by Hera's anger towards Zeus's adulterous affairs."

The Brooks Model U.N. co-head is happy to report that her experience was fittingly, well, epic. "Nothing will ever parallel solving riddles to cross the Styx River in the underworld, freaking out when Woodrow Wilson (apparently) moved U.S. troops into Greece, or writing a resolution to torture mankind by always putting humans on the verge of sneezing," she said.

Musto described the conference as "an action-packed weekend" overall, and explained that students were constantly busy debating, writing resolutions, talking with students from around the country and world about international politics and history, and enjoyed every minute. "They left energized and bubbling with excitement," she said.

Take it from one relative newbie to the experience. Tanay Kommareddi '21 represented the delegation of Jordan in the "Committee of the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space," focused on the topic of privatizing and colonizing outer space, and said: "The debates were lively!"

Kommareddi's group was one of six in the committee and it supported underdeveloped nations in trying to bring more opportunities to their nations through education in space commerce and space exploration. The chairs presiding over his committee, however, would only accept three resolution goals — which meant that some groups had to merge with others.

"Our bloc stood firm in not merging, because our ideas were so different than the rest," Kommareddi recalled. "This ultimately made our bloc the most disliked throughout the committee, but we went down fighting."

Axidi Iglesias '19 embraces such conflict at these conferences. "Model U.N. is very intense, and that's why I love it," she said. "With long months of preparation before the conference, it's really rewarding when you are able to go into a committee room and compete at the same level — or even better — than many other talented, smart and competitive kids from all over the world."

Iglesias admitted she was nervous to be the delegate of Sweden for the EU 2015 Committee. "But in the end, when my resolutions, which I sponsored, passed regarding real-world problems such as the crisis in Ukraine and the Greek economic crisis, I felt so accomplished." The experience has resonated with her so much, Iglesias revealed that she plans to study international relations in college. "Maybe one day," she added, "I'll be a real delegate, passing these plans."

In contrast, model U.N. veteran Colin Khater '19, found himself looking back, this conference. "It was extra-special to me [knowing it was my last]," he said, sharing that he enjoyed seeing "our younger members of the team really delve into their committees as the weekend went on."

On the bus ride back to campus, he added, "I heard so many teammates mention how the conference was much more fun than expected. So I am excited for the team in the coming years. And I'm confident that they'll be able to enjoy it as much as all of us seniors have."

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