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Busy Before Break


There was big news in Brooks athletics this week, as girls claimed the Class A title, field hockey lost in the overtime in the Class B final, and boys soccer lost on penalty kicks in the Class B semifinals (read more here). But even before the big games, last week was a particularly busy one on campus. Check out the highlights, and the slideshow of photos below:

Minute-To-Win-It, Faculty Style
Head of School John Packard and Associate Head for Student Affairs Andrea Heinze have a good working relationship when it comes to school matters.

But when it comes to putting marbles in a bowl, they go for the jugular.

The two faced off in the latest round of “Minute To Win It” — the Brooks version of the popular game show, where contestants must complete a physical task in just 60 seconds.

It’s been a staple of the regular Friday School Meetings this fall, with students competing for the coveted prize: points for their team in the year-long House Cup competition. It’s a carry-over of an idea that student government leaders had talked about last year, said Senior Prefect Ani Bilazarian, who runs School Meeting each week.

“It's been a huge success! People love it; it's a great activity for School Meeting, and it's a good way to have dorm camaraderie,” she said.

Students have had to do things such as balance sugar cubes on a popsicle stick, or stack apples without toppling them.

Packard and Heinze took their contest to heart last Friday: they had to spin a marble around in an upside-down glass to create enough centrifugal force to keep the marble spinning as they transported it to a bowl on a nearby table.

It’s easier said than done, apparently, as marbles went flying across the auditorium stage. Ultimately, Heinze was declared the winner, and the girls dorm teams and girl day students team each earned extra points toward their point total.

So far, Hett East is leading the pack, and day girls are in second place.

A Thought-Provoking Chapel Address
Matt Vines spoke to fifth-formers in the Ashburn Chapel on Monday night, talking about his research surrounding the Bible and homosexuality.

Vines is an advocate for the acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people within Christian communities and in society at large. Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Matthew attended Harvard University from 2008 to 2010. He then took a leave of absence in order to research the Bible and homosexuality and work toward LGBT inclusion in the church. He’s gained notoriety for an hour-long Youtube video, The Gay Debate, that’s been viewed more than 450,000 times, during which he speaks on the Bible and homosexuality.

Vines posed a series of hypothetical questions to the Brooks students: Brooks students: How many of you know someone who was raised by same-sex parents? Or have ever attended a same-sex wedding? Or know someone who is part of the LGBT community?

He talked at length about his theological research, and pinpointed Biblical passages that people against homosexuality often site when they are making an argument for it being condemned by Christianity, such as Genesis 2:18-24, Genesis 19:1-8 and Romans 1:24-27.

After his speech, he confessed that he knew most high-schoolers weren’t going to be studying Greek and delving into full-time research into Biblical philosophy, and certainly not enjoying it as much as he does. But he hoped he encouraged Brooks students to act openly and to think openly about the LGBT community.

You can learn more about Vines and his views here.

Learning Through Dance
Also at School Meeting, Nikita Minocha shared a bit of her Indian culture by performing a Bharatanatyam dance, an ancient artform. It’s characterized by intricate hand movements set to music that goes back and forth from melodic to fast-paced and heavy on percussion.

Dressed in a traditional outfit, Nikita took the stage to show her schoolmates the dance — “just for fun” she said. Her parents were in the audience to watch as well. Nikita said she’s been dancing for 9 years, but this was the first time she had performed an Indian dance in front of the entire school.

Best Teammate Awards
Second and third sports team members were lauded at School Meeting for their dedication to their teams and teammates, when coaches handed out best teammate awards for the fall season.

The winners are:
Ellie Olsen ’13, girls 2nd soccer
Analiese Fernandes ’15, girls 3rd soccer
Charlotte McCoy ’14, 2nd field hockey
Alex Meyers ’ 13, boys 2nd soccer
Matt Nightingale ’16, boys 3rd soccer
Branden Shaw ’14, 2nd football
Renu Mukherjee ’15, girls JV cross-country
Alastair Hunt ’15, boys JV cross-country
John Grady ’13, sailing