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Class Trip Adventures

Students and faculty shared some fun during class trips this week.

There were water fights on a river, high-rope walking, mountain climbing and team-building exercises during a day of class trips on Thursday. Each class did a different excursion: third-formers spent the day on campus, fourth-formers went to the Browne Center ropes course at UNH, fifth-formers hiked Mount Monadnock and sixth-formers braved the Deerfield River in rafts.

The beautiful weather in each locale and the bonding experiences made for successful trips all around, said several of the faculty members who accompanied students on the trips.

The third form stayed on campus, participating in a series of team-building exercises, created by Project Adventure, before attending a technology orientation and taking a mandatory swim test in the school’s pool.

Outside by the campus’ central flagpole, the morning was filled with fun games that tested the third-formers’ communication skills. Broken up into small groups, the students were asked to line up in order of various facts — like who went to bed the earliest to latest — without talking (we learned in one group Darin Hunt ’16 was up at 6 a.m., while his classmate Connor Moore ’16 slept in until 8:40 a.m.).

Third Form Dean Shaunielle McDonald ’94 said the day was a unique experience for these new students, who had the run of campus, with all the forms in other locations.

“It’s the only time in their four years here that they will be alone on campus without other forms here, so this allows them to get really comfortable with their campus surroundings,” she said.

Highlights of the fourth form’s trip to the ropes course were team building activities in the morning, and high ropes in the afternoon.

For a few students, it was a chance to take on a challenge. Christine Shin, Lily Carey and Joseline Lu were able to conquer their fear of heights. They each climbed about 25 feet in the air, and walked across a log while attached to a harness. All three received encouragement from their groups, according to faculty chaperone Ashley Johnston. Another highlight: Alex Wagner ’14 climbed blindfolded and was able to walk across a 20-foot cable with only three dangling support ropes from above.

There was a faculty highlight as well: Johnston, college counselor Andy Campbell and math teacher Ali Mattison climbed for their first time since they were in high school.

“All in all, a great day with lasting memories!” Johnston said.

Over at Mount Monadnock, all of the fifth form class managed to make it to the summit to take in the magnificent views and have a class photo taken. A little farther south, sixth-formers paddled down the Deerfield River and got into water fights with their faculty counterparts.

Great views, lots of paddling, water fights between rafts and great conversations were part of the morning of rafting, according to faculty member Brian Palm. Tired and a little sunburned, the group enjoyed a well-earned lunch followed by a picture slideshow back at the basecamp before returning to campus.

Chaperone Monica Berube ’08, assistant director of alumni programs, said it was a great day on the river, and claims that the faculty/staff boat dominated the water fights, after the groups did a little rapid surfing.

To see photos of each trip, click here.