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New Dormitory: Chace House

Head of School John Packard is the first to tell you a building is not just a building. It’s not just a pile of bricks or wooden beams; but rather a physical space in which meaningful relationships between faculty and students can flourish, adhering to the school’s mission statement: At Brooks School, we seek to provide the most meaningful educational experience our students will have in their lives.
The school's new dormitory, which opened its doors to students and faculty in September 2012, is the first student residential space to be built since the Hettinger East and West dormitories in 1984. Without increasing enrollment, the building not only features the lowest faculty-to-student ratio of any dorm on campus, but also helps ease tight quarters in other residences.

The building features several design elements that foster those all-important faculty-student relationships: a 600-square-foot common area big enough for all building residents to gather; an outdoor seating area for students to collaborate with dorm faculty; a rear patio for cookouts and gatherings; and a small lounge/study area for after-hours homework help, just to name a few.

The building features a number of environmentally friendly elements that align with the school’s current construction model: to build durable, sustainable buildings, like the Science Center, that will minimize the use of resources and their impact on the environment, as well as minimize future operation costs.

Check out the time-lapse video of the yearlong construction, boiled down to 45 seconds.

New Dormitory: Chace House
Student Involvement
Start Date | September 2011

Completion Date | August 2012

Building Details | Two-story, 13,992-square-foot structure consisting of a 22-bed dormitory, a second-floor faculty apartment and two attached faculty houses.

Construction Cost | The $3.3 million project was fully funded.

Location | Perpendicular to Blake House and across the street from PBA dormitory.

General Contractor | Nauset Construction Corporation, whose president Anthony Papantonis ’81 P’13, is an alum and current parent of Brooks School.