Alumni Board

The Brooks School Alumni Board aims to bolster the ongoing relationship between the school and its alumni base. The appointment of Alumni Board President Jon Gibbons '92 in fall 2015, along with the addition of several active members and a new committee structure, re-energized the group of volunteers, resulting in a flurry of fresh initiatives. Each sub-committee — nominations, events, career advisory, giving and class volunteers — has recorded significant accomplishments, including the selection of nine new members, career networking events in Boston and New York, two highly successful Giving Days and a multi-city volunteer day that supported three different charities. These recent successes act as a springboard for the sub-committees, as they take on greater initiatives to help bring Brooks’ alumni base closer together in a meaningful way. The board is always interested in hearing from classmates about potential projects and possible board members. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact

Alumni Board President
Jonathan F. Gibbons '92

Career Events Committee

Matthew A. Godoff '01, head

Karl A. Arakelian '83

Geoffrey M. Fulgione '77

James N. Pettorelli '91

Class Volunteer Committee
A. Hunter Markwald '97, head

Allison P. Barry '13


Kingsley P. Woolworth '00

New York

Events Committee
Nick Ziebarth '95, head

Thomas L. Armstead '89
New York

Jack Greata '00
New York

Bailey Martignetti '96
New York

Sally T. Milliken '88

Giving Committee
Delia E. Rissmiller '03, head

Alexandra B. Caffrey '06
New York

Joseph R. Malarney '06

William E. Collier '11
District of Columbia

Nominating Committee
Matthew Cascio '91, head

Sean P. Nagle '99

Emma M. Parkinson '07

C. Stow Walker '71


John A. McKallagat '66

Recent accomplishments

  • The Nominating Committee successfully vetted an incoming group of six new members to the Alumni Board.
  • The Class Volunteer Committee succeeded in outreaching to all alumni from class years ending in 2 and 7 regarding Alumni Weekend.
  • The Career Advisory Committee planned, managed and executed a well-attended career panel and networking event in New York City.
  • The Giving Committee increased involvement in Giving Day 2017, which raised $161,000 for the Brooks Fund through 678 gifts.
  • The Events Committee planned, managed and executed a successful alumni volunteer day called "Brooks Gives Back" in three major markets: Boston, New York and Chicago.