Meet the Office

Thank you for your interest in Brooks School. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email

Lori Charpentier

Associate Director of Admission

Rodney DiClemente

Admission Office Administrative Assistant

Robina Egertson

Director of Admission and Financial Aid

Patrick Foley

Associate Director of Admission and Financial Aid

Jaime Gilbert

Class of 2004
Assistant Director of Admission

Sheila Konovalchik

Admissions Office Administrative Assistant

Jenelle Ries

Associate Director of Admission

Alexander Skinner

Class of 2008
Assistant Director of Admission

On-Campus Events

We host several opportunities to visit campus throughout the school year to give you a glimpse of life at Brooks School. To join us for our next event, click HERE.
Admission Office 2016-2017